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Bonnie Stauch is a Costume Designer, Wardrobe Stylist and a member of IATSE Local 892, Costume Designers Guild

She is a Costume Designers Guild Nominee for Excellence in Short Form Design for Adidas, "See My Creativity", 2019

Bonnie Stauch is an innovative, award-winning costume designer with more than two decades of experience in feature films, TV, commercials, new media content, theatre and charity events. Based in Los Angeles, she has worked with some of the most talented and respected names in the industry.


Bonnie has a deep understanding of every aspect of design from concept to execution.  Combined with a strong understanding of anatomy and psychological motivation, she expertly weaves her concepts into the director’s vision to create innovative costumes that bring characters to life.

Her dedication to creating characters goes far beyond simply dressing the actors. An avid historian and master researcher, Bonnie has extensive knowledge of period design and fabrics, as well as a passion for current trends in fashion -- from street style to haute couture.


With a well-deserved reputation for getting things done and staying on budget, Bonnie brings unique value to the collaborative process. She works seamlessly with directors, producers, production designers and actors, and always maintains a keen awareness of overall production needs and goals.


Notable directors with whom Bonnie has worked include

Nick Cassavetes and Brad Silberling, as well as actors Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Gary Oldman, Julia Roberts and most recently Bruce Willis.


Bonnie began her career at George Washington University where she studied costume design.  While in DC, she apprenticed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Theatre, and also designed for the renowned Arena Stage.


Bonnie has worked extensively in California, but has also worked in New York, Washington, DC, Ohio, Mississippi, Michigan, Utah, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona and Puerto Rico.


She is a guest instructor at both UCLA and Columbia School of Broadcasting.

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