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Excellence in Short Form Design

See My Creativity-Adidas

Featuring high-intensity female athletes in action, "See My Creativity" highlights individuals as they aggressively compete in a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, hockey and rugby. From gifted street-players to highly-trained competitive athletes, they deliver the message to inspire women in their own activities.


A designers perspective: Typically associated with big-name professional athletes, this Adidas campaign is much different.  It celebrates highly-skilled and competitive urban female athletes-from street players to local sports clubs, across a wide spectrum of sports.  As Costume Designer, the challenge was to "breathe" an authentic, vibrant, textural, urban feel and personal styles of competitive inner-city athletes and spectators.

From rugby, collegiate baseball teams to ice hockey clubs, it was imperative to quickly learn uniform requirements and safety gear (knuckle tape, mouth guards, body guards etc.)  I met with local club associations to ensure all athletes were safe and could excel at their sports with mobility, confidence and a sense of personal style.  In addition, I visited local parks and basketball courts to talk with players, and see firsthand what was on the forefront of athletic style trends and gear to ensure urban/street authenticity. It was invaluable to also observe the feel and style of fans and spectators related to each sport.

Although all of the female athletes were inspiring in their journey, the rugby team was at the top of my list.  We worked all night in the rain and the mud.  They never complained once and played their hearts out.  We all ended up with a couple of bruises at the end of the night!

Director: Jovan Todorovic I Producers: Nadine Brown, Stink, 72andSunny I Head of Production USA, Stink:  Nick Fuller


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